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Applications For Certified IL Firearms Instructors Available


The Illinois State Police just announced the availability of Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor applications. You can find the applications on the ISP website.

Local shooting instructors tell KWQC's Morgan Ottier that the new Illinois guidelines for instruction are more strict than current NRA standards --

"We've been teaching the eight hour certified pistol classes here," said Donnie Pridemore, an NRA certified firearms instructor with Shooting Sports in Moline.

"The state will now require a 16 hour course so we'll be adding a second day."

Not only are the requirements to carry more strenuous, Pridemore says the process for certifying firearms instructors is more challenging, too.

"There's an application that we have to fill out and then we have to go do what's called a Livescan fingerprint, which is an electronic machine that records our fingerprints and they're wired directly to the FBI for a background investigation."

The Livescan fingerprinting isn't required in nearby states but it is in Illinois for those who want to become instructors. Even though Pridemore is already NRA certified, he needs to get his prints scanned. The problem is -- there are no nearby Livescan fingerprint vendors.

"A lot of sheriffs departments and some police departments have Livescan capabilities," said Pridemore. But it's unclear if local law enforcement will open its doors to instructors hoping to get certified.

"We're open to try and get it going," said Rock Island County Sheriff, Jeff Boyd. "We don't want to see concealed carry delayed any longer."