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Rock Falls City Leaders Discuss Convenience Store Alcohol


A Whiteside County community is considering an liquor ordinance expansion. Rock Falls is the only city in it's area where convenience stores are not allowed liquor licenses.

But that may change as an amendment to that ordinance has been proposed to city leaders. Alderman are divided on the issue. Those in favor say the change would bring the city more money.

Rock Falls Mayor William Wescott says there is a $6,000 initial license application fee. If the ordinance changes and the five convenience stores that have inquired follow through, the city could be looking at an extra $30,000 right away.

"That extra money in the general fund can help us in many, many ways," Wescott said. "Whether it's to purchase new equipment for one of our departments that rely on the general fund, whether it's to put additional money towards roads or alley repairs -- it gives us that opportunity."

But several alderman, including Glen Kuhlemier, are against the sale of liquor at convenience stores.

"Selling alcoholic beverages in a convenience store just makes it too easy for licensed and unlicensed drivers to obtain alcohol and drink and drive," Kuhlemier said. "It's a matter of safety, not an economic concern."

The council held a 1st reading on Tuesday night. The issue will be up for a vote on Sept. 27.