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Anonymous Prophetstown Group to Make Donation to Rebuilding Fund


Crews are set to start clearing debris Thursday in downtown Prophetstown, IL. A massive fire damaged or destroyed eight buildings there in July.

The community has been working together ever since to start the clean up process so the city can begin to rebuild. The cleanup is expected to cost about $160, 000. And cost of rebuilding is still unknown.

To take care of it all, a rebuilding fund was started for the city. Officials say donations keep rolling in for that fund and it is continuing to grow.

Although one of the biggest donations is expected to come from a group of Prophetstown residents who are choosing not to reveal their identities.

Mayor Steve Swanson said a group of about 14 local farmers have come together and plan to sell about $50,000 worth of corn, and have all the money go toward the city for clean up and rebuilding. He said the farmers are choosing to remain anonymous because they don't want to be patted on the back, and they don't want to downplay the importance of smaller donations.

Swanson said a $10 donation can be just as good as a $50,000 one because the $10 donations add up.

At least one of the farmers has already contributed, and the others are expected to do so as their fields become ready to be harvested in the near future. The one farmer we spoke with added that once the city announces how much money it is coming up short, the group will adjust its donations accordingly.

Mayor Swanson said the expected $50,000 donation from the anonymous group would go a long way for Prophetstown.

Clean up is expected to last through the fall. And Swanson said there are currently three businesses that are already considering rebuilding. If they choose to do so, Swanson said its possible those businesses could take shape by spring.