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Augustana College Will Hold First Major Fire Drill In Spring


Augustana College is always looking into ways of improving it's campus every year. But their main priority is campus and public safety.

"We try to prepare ourselves for any kind of emergency that might occur that's the all hazards piece...So while anything can happen anywhere...we have tried to take a very intellectual prepared approach," said Dean of Student Life, Evelyn Campbell.

It's an approach the college takes very seriously. It's public safety task force is already planning next year's emergency scenario drill. They hold different drills every year to help prepare students and faculty on what they should do in case of an emergency.

"Each year we sort of pick a different scenario and we work on it but we're prepared for them, and those scenario's just give us a chance to refine and again move the ball forward. Our ability to respond and the preparedness of our campus," she said.

In May, they held a mass casualty drill with pretend shooters on campus. That's all in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and previous school shootings. But for this year...

"We're going to do a fire in one of our residence halls, and beginning now we're looking at the little pieces we need to practice in order to get ready for that."

They have done other smaller fire drills before, but this would be the first large-scale fire drill to be held.