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New Sports Complex to Help Recruitment


Augustana College held a dedication ceremony Saturday evening for its new athletic complex and football stadium. Parts of the new athletic complex are still under construction, but the project was near enough to completion to house the season home opener Saturday.

With the new athletic complex nearing completion, Augustana College says it's positioning itself to become a bigger attraction in the QCA.

School officials say a top priority in building this new $10 million sports complex was to make it a source of pride for everyone in the QCA.

They say, now, they expect more people to start coming to the games.

The school is also partnering with local businesses like Bent River and Harris Pizza, hoping to draw in bigger crowds.

And, with the new stadium, school officials say they expect to see an increase in the quality of their athletic programs, which should draw in more fans, too.

They're hoping athletes that may have overlooked the school in the past will consider it now with the new state of the art athletic complex.

That's exactly the effect that the school playing Augie in Saturday's game says it saw when it built a new stadium ten years ago.

"When we built the facility, it was actually the first year we had a winning record," said Tony Aretz, President of College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati said. So it really helps in recruiting quality football players. Now in terms of overall enrollment, the entire campus is what impacts recruiting students. And the more nice facilities they have, the more you're likely to recruit students."

The entire complex is set to be open in time for October 12th's homecoming game.