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ISU Becomes Iowa's Biggest University


On Saturday, the University of Iowa will take on in-state rival Iowa State University on the football field, but when it comes to enrollment, ISU gets the higher score.

New numbers released Thursday show that ISU has surpassed Iowa with its fall enrollment. That's the first time it's happened in 30 years.

ISU reports that more than 33,200 students have enrolled at its Ames campus. That's a seven percent increase over last fall. The University of Iowa enrolled just over 31,000 students, which is down one percent or about 310 students from last year.

Administrators at ISU say there was an increase in the number of undergraduate students while at Iowa, there are fewer graduate students on the Iowa City Campus.

The University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls reports a decrease of about 100 students with a total enrollment around 12,159.