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Picking Pumpkins? Tips For Keeping Until Halloween


Starting to think about pumpkins? It's the season and pumpkins are ready at the Pride of the Wapsi Pumpkin Patch in Long Grove, Iowa.
Owners say it's been a successful year not just for them but for all area pumpkin farmers.
Pat Dirickx, owner of Pride of the Wapsi, tells us he starts planting in early June and mother nature takes it from there. If you are picking up your pumpkins now there are some tips to keep them through Halloween.

"What we recommend, is for you guys or anybody that buys them early to clean them off and use a vinegar/water solution to clean any of the bacteria that might be on it that would make it degrade down," said Dierickx
At the Dierickx Farm, Pat says they will produce about 400-thousand pounds of jack-o-lanterns and 120 thousand pounds of pie pumpkins.