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Changes Proposed For Speed Cameras; Davenport Mayor Reacts


Are speed and traffic cameras living up to their billing as safety tools? The State of Iowa could be taking a closer look and the outcome could impact some cameras at intersections in Davenport and other Iowa communities.

Traffic cameras in Davenport are on the lookout for speeders and red light runners, but for the ones located on state highways, officials with the Iowa Department of Transportation want some input. What does it mean for drivers? Nothing quite yet, but things could change in the future.

If the new rules pass, cities that have traffic cameras on state highways, like at the intersection of Brady St. and Kimberly Rd., will have to submit yearly reports to the state explaining whether the cameras are actually reducing traffic problems. If they are, they can stay.

However, if problems persist, the DOT could take the cameras away and tell the city to find another way to make the area safer.

Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba says that's not necessary because the traffic cameras work.

"It's about traffic safety. Our police officers can tell you that from the get go," Gluba said. I would hate to see the state who's supposed to be dedicated to traffic safety, and for the most part they are, doing anything to cause more accidents," he added.

The proposed rules could also affect cameras that some cities are planning to install in the future. Under the IDOT plan, all cities would have to explore other options for traffic safety, before putting cameras up and even then, the cameras can't be considered long-term solutions.

IDOT will host an open meeting for comment in Ankeny on October 30th before approving the new rules.