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Strangers Help Save A Life At QC Marathon


Strangers coming together to help save a life. It's what one group did, jumping into action during this year's Quad Cities Marathon to help a runner suffering from a heart attack.  

The group of rescuers were honored Thursday night at a wrap event for the Quad Cities Marathon.

"I know they saved his life," Race Director Joe Moreno says of the incident.  

The day started out just like any other, runners trying for a personal best and volunteers ready at the finish line. But all of that quickly took a turn for the worse.  

"About mile 19.5, we had an individual go down," Moreno says, "He had a heart attack." 

Race volunteer Logan Callahan was at the base of the Arsenal bridge at the time.  

"He just tumbled forward, he looked like he lost consciousness and just went straight down," Callahan says. 

Callahan waited for the runner to get back up, but he didn't. 

"My first instinct, check for a pulse, did not feel a pulse," Callahan says, "A few seconds behind, there was a nurse that ran up, and she and I flipped him over slowly, and then I started chest compressions as she was doing mouth to mouth." 

A nurse, a doctor, and an Arsenal employee all jumping in with him to help Jeff Blakeman, who was running the marathon with his daughter.  

"It's nerve-wracking, it's one of those things that you get trained for CPR, and you can read the books and the pamphlets and it tells you what to do, but it's just one of those things where, until it happens, you're not really sure what to expect," Callahan says. 

Strangers, some of which we might never know. 

"The doctor, he's kind of an angel in disguise, we don't know who this doctor is," Moreno says. 

All helping one great cause. 

"I think it's an amazing trait the Quad Citians have here, troubled times, things happen, incidents, people just step up and get involved," Moreno says.

The injured runner, Jeff Blakeman, was able to recover after a few days in the ICU. He's now back at home in Kansas City.