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US House Approved Bill Could Mean Back Pay For Arsenal Workers in the Q-C-A



 "I think it's great except I'm glad they agreed on something. I just wish they agreed on the budget to get us all back to work," said Rebecca Meeke.

 It's day four of no pay for Rock Island Arsenal worker, Rebecca Meeke.  Because she's been out of work, she's missed out on pay for those days.

 "Roughly about $181 a day," said Meeke.

She says the government shutdown has forced her to cut back on everyday essentials. She's even worried that she will run out of money soon.

 "If I don't have to drive, I'm not driving, if I don't have to spend, I'm not spending. My house and my kids come first.  We're eating at home.  I'm not going to Iowa city for an Iowa soccer game that I had planned. I'm not going to that," said Meeke.

Meeke says she just wants lawmakers to work together and end the shut down.  In hopes of catch their attention, she even sent some of them the story we did with her earlier this week.
Since then, some of our area Congress men and women have come out with statements. 

"I was proud to help lead this bipartisan effort to secure back pay for the dedicated men and women across our region like those at the Rock Island Arsenal," said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

"This manufactured crisis must end and Washington must get these hardworking Iowans back on the job," said Congressman Dave Loebsack.

 None of our lawmakers from the other side of the aisle have released statements.