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Neighbors React To Davenport Shooting Involving Police


Hearing gunshots isn't anything new for people living in one Davenport neighborhood where a shooting occurred on 10/10/13. Some say the violence hasn't been as bad in recent years, others say it's been worse. 

Either way, police say they are making an effort to clean the area up.

"That's just how it goes around here," said Rennie Bradley. "Getting worse and worse, moving up, further up the hill."
Bradley moved her family here just last February and already she's thinking of jumping ship.

"This has just been getting worse and worse, we had a kid get shot down here, we had somebody get shot in the alley," said Bradley. "We had two people this last summer get shot on 14th. I'm pretty much thinking when the lease is up on my dad, I might be moving my dad and my son out of here."
This shooting is just the latest in what neighbors say has been a long string of violence, one after another.

"We witnessed a bullet go right in front of our house," said Christina Zumwalt. "There were three gunshots, kiddie corner across the street. I do know it's getting worse around here, everyday almost, there's a shooting, a stabbing."
But while neighbors say hearing gunshots are a familiar sound around here, neighbors like Bill Kosgard, who's lived here for 30 years, say it doesn't happen every day and things are getting better.

"I usually watch what's going on in the neighborhood, and it's not any worse than any other neighborhood," said Kosgard.
Police say they do spend a lot of time in the area but it's improved tremendously since 2007, saying they have neighbor meetings and use that information to target issues like cleaning up youth problems, gun violence, and drugs. 
They call this shooting an 'isolated incident' involving a person that didn't live there.

"An individual came out of his residence and found our suspect sleeping in his car," said Major Don Schaeffer, assistant police chief in Davenport.
While some neighbors want out others are staying put.