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Ambrose Archives


It's the history and heritage of Saint Ambrose University. The University Archives Department is home to thousands of pictures and other unique items which  tell the story of the university.

For instance, the oldest item in the archives is a book from 1539. Written in Latin, it's  about Saint Augustine. It was gifted to the school according to archivist Heather Lovewell.

Saint Ambrose traces its roots to 1882 when it started off as a seminary and academy.

In 1885, the school moved to ten acres near Scott and Locust Streets. That cornerstone is on display in the library.

Ambrose Hall is the first and oldest building on the campus. At one time, it housed the entire school.

There are chalices, yearbooks,  and many other items of interest.

In 1942, the government set up a naval training program at the university.

The school partnered with the Mercy Hospital Program in 1952 to form a nursing program at Saint Ambrose.

An interesting history going back about 131 years.

Access to the Collection is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.