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Investigators Say Davenport Officer Justified In Shooting


Scott County Attorney Mike Walton walked KWQC through accounts of the officers and witnesses of what happened during an officer involved shooting on October 10th. They concluded that the actions of the officer who fired the shots was reasonable under the circumstances.

A video provided by police shows officer Mike Jacobsen coming across the suspect, Ryan Franklin, in the alley. This after the call from neighbors of a man in the area prowling cars as garages. 

Franklin walked just off camera when the officer told him to get on his knees. At that point the officer sees a gun in the waistband. After a few seconds you see Franklin jump up and run. 

Investigators pointed out that the gun is noticeable and said it does appear he reached for it when officer Jacobsen fired three shots, hitting him twice. The third shot struck a van in the alley. The officer believed it was necessary to use deadly force to avoid injury to anyone else.

It turned out the suspect had a BB gun. Which was later identified as taken from a nearby home earlier that morning.

Franklin is charged with interference and possession of controlled substance. He is not in custody. His initial court appearance is October 30th.

One officer involved is back in duty. The one who fired the shots is still on administrative leave as the internal investigation continues.