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City Works Towards Bringing Business Back to West Davenport


The west end of Davenport has a lot of vacant businesses.

"We have had a rough patch of businesses closing up," said Alderman Nathan Brown.

The patch, Alderman Brown is referring to has caused existing businesses in that area to take a hit.

 "It's been slow. Every since the eagle store has closed. Some of the businesses have closed and we'd like to see some more development here," said Mary Jo Anderson.

"There used to be a daycare center in the strip mall next to us and then a blockbuster used to be there. It was a little but more traffic,"said Caleb Nelson.

According to Alderman Brown, the city is hoping to increase traffic by offering incentives for new businesses to build in the west end.

"We created the urte area  which is some tax rebates that can incur for businesses that make the investment on both Rockingham and on Locust,"said Brown.

It's an opportunity that business owners hope new business owners take advantage of.

"It would pick up the business. See more clients from other businesses come in. Their clients with ours...ours going to theirs," said Anderson.

"More traffic means more sales and that would be nice. Even a restaurant over here would be awesome,"said Nelson.