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Consultant Chosen for Credit Island Lodge


The Credit Island Lodge is now another step closer to being renovated and returned to its former glory. A panel of almost a dozen people, listening to three design pitches and picking just one firm to reconstruct the Lodge.

After a fire during floods in early May, the Lodge was left a shell of its former self. There was debris on the ground and the roof was open to the sky. A task force debated for weeks about what should happen next, deciding the lodge needed to be rebuilt. And Wednesday, a panel determined Stanley Consultants should be the firm to do that.

Alderman Nate Brown says, "All the other candidates were fine. They were very good candidates, and it was good to see all the other options that were available. But with Stanley, that one stop shop, being able to hit the ground running, that's really what we were looking for."

Brown says everyone involved was looking for someone who could erase the images of a burning Lodge from our minds and replace them with something new. A new lodge that would embrace the past and become part of local families' futures.

"To be honest," Brown says. "I don't think it's gonna be that much different." Except he says, for Stanley's plan to bring the outside in and expand on this rendering. "They did talk about opening up the windows on the second floor and making it more, using the natural light to light the building." Using that second floor for public access. "There was an apartment up there for the manager and now that it's no longer there. We're basically dealing with this clean slate, so the sky's the limit on that."

And while a design firm has been chosen, a final plan has not been. Brown says consultants will reach out to other groups like runners, bikers and the Friends of Credit Island. "And basically take all that and meld it together into one grand design."

One he hopes will be up by spring, ready for families to use and ready to test if we see spring flooding. "That's what we're designing it to do, is live with the river. And so if a flood comes, that's fine, we're gonna design that into the concept and go from there.

Before this is a done deal, council members must approve the contract with Stanley Consultants. That's expected to happen at the November 13th meeting.