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Nature's Canvas


Bonnie Adams of Port Byron jokingly says that sometimes she is out of her gourd.

Bonnie is a gourd artist. 

Many people refer to a gourd as nature's canvas. It has a round surface, and an artist can do almost anything on a gourd that can be done on canvas.  

She designs ornaments, dolls, chairs, foot rests, and other items.

She grows gourds in her backyard. Others, she buys from businesses throughout the country.

Using a wood burner, leather dye, and other tools,  Bonnie designs many unique items.

She used forty two gourds to make a blonde-haired  doll. The doll's arms and legs are movable.

Bonnie has enjoyed art since she was a little girl. She started making gourd art in 2008.

She also does lace patterns on gourds.

She is a self- taught artist who makes the most of nature's canvas.