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Trying To Save A Landmark in Moline


The Moline Historic Preservation Commission is looking to save the building and attractions that have shaped Moline's history.

Sylvan Island is a popular spot for biking and recreation, but Sylvan Brindge has been closed since early this year when engineers found it unsafe.

Right now, the Preservation Commission is battling the city Park Board on the bridge's future.

A matter that could come down to what is the better financial route.

The PArk Board agreed earlier this year to help re-open the bridge.

The Preservation Commission is fighting to save the original structure instead of building a new one, which would cost $1.2 million.

So, the message from the historic commission following their Monday evening meeting - do what it takes to save the bridge from being knocked down.

The Pedestrian Bridge was built in 1872 as is believed to be one of the oldest bridges along the entire Mississippi.

And just because it may cost a little more to repair rather then rebuild - some on the board believe Moline could be losing tourism money by getting rid of a historic landmark.

On Monday - the Commission voted to apply for the 10 Most Endangered List - a yearly compilation of old Illinois structures that are in danger of being demolished.

This can help when applying for grant money and other funding in the future.

But city leaders say even with help - saving the bridge won't be easy.

"It's really difficult," says Patrick Burke, Economic Development Manager for Moline. "It's 50% more money to save it and that's one of the issues that are going to have to find. Either going and finding additional funding or asking if city council would consider."

 A study was done earlier this year. 

An engineer said it would be around $1.8 million to repair the current bridge to Sylvan Island.