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Hummingbird Hangouts


Thirteen year old Brady Fry intends to cover the cost for his school trip to Washington D.C. next June.

Rather than ask his parents for the money, Brady started a business. It is called Hummingbird Hangouts.

He collects glass bottles, wine coolers, beer bottles, liquor bottles. Bottles which would have been recycled.

Instead, Brady cleans them, removes the stickers, and using paint pens, creates designs on the bottles.

He places a cork and feeding tube on each one,  and the birds can drink nectar from the bottle. He makes the nectar using sugar and water.

Brady lives near Illinois City, and some of the Hummingbird Hangouts are in his backyard.

His mother Wendy is very proud of her son's work ethic. She says knowing that he paid for the school trip will make it much more meaningful for her son.

Brady says the hummingbirds fight over the feeders.

His business is going  very well. He has made about 13 hundred dollars in sales.  The feeders sell anywhere from about 10-25 dollars.