BBB Investigates Davenport Gun Dealer; Now Out Of Business

[image] Duck Creek Armory store in Davenport.

Just days after the Better Business Bureau gave a Davenport gun business a an "F" rating, the company is now closed.

Earlier this week, the BBB said it's gotten more than 25 complaints from people trying to buy items online from Duck Creek Armory, saying they have not received products they paid for. That's when the bureau issued a warning to consumers to be wary of buying from the business until the investigation is over.

On Monday, we caught up with Better Business Bureau President Chris Coleman, who stopped by the business on Washington St.

"Our interest is trying to help these consumers get their money back, or the products they ordered. Now they don't have either and that's not fair or right.", said Coleman.

Coleman said he has been trying to get in touch with someone from Duck Creek Armory for nearly two weeks, but the company's phone line has been disconnected and a letter he sent received no response, leaving consumers who made the complaints even more frustrated.

"I just want you know what's fair. I'm not trying to be unreasonable but if they're not willing to work with people something needs to be done. It's not fair for them to rip me and other people off," said Clinton Bennett of Texas.

Bennett says he gave the company $500 for a gun he bought on a payment plan back in September. But last month, Bennett says the company stopped accepting payments online or by phone. Instead, he received an email saying payments could only be accepted via check or by money order.

A sheriff's deputy in Colorado shared a similar story with us, saying he completed payments for his $800r gun months ago, but has yet to get his order.

"It's one of my bi weekly paychecks. I mean I scraped and saved, ate top ramen for four months to get it paid off," he said.

Davenport police have also received complaints about online orders with the company. The department says it handed the case to the Iowa Attorney General's office.

In an effort to get a response to these claims, we reached out to Duck Creek Armory. The manager on staff told us only the owner could speak to us. Several attempts to reach the owner, failed.

On Wednesday, a sign was posted inside the window of the store on Washington St. It said the business is closed and that they will try to fill orders or issue refunds but that they will need to liquidate inventory. 

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