Rash Of Windows Shot Out In Burlington


Car windows are being shot out in Burlington, IA. Police say it's been going on for nearly a week, with most of the damage being reported to police this morning.

"I came out and had two windows shot out," said Burlington resident, Colter Levinson. Levinson got a rude awakening at 4:30 this morning when he realized two of his car windows were shattered.

"They weren't completely broken in until I open and shut the door," said Levinson, "one of them completely caved in."

But he says whoever did it, didn't take anything out of the car. Same goes for Colter's neighbor, Shad Dixon, who also woke up to find out his personal property had been vandalized.

"One was entirely shattered and the other one was just cracked," Dixon said.

It's happening to people who park along the street instead of in a driveway or garage. It's happening after midnight and before the sun rises. Police are calling it a crime of opportunity.

"It appears the suspects were either walking by or driving by," said Lt. Jeff Klein, Burlington Police Dept.

"We've obtained surveillance videos from a couple of locations where criminal mischief has taken place. Those videos are being analyzed right now by our IT department."

In the meantime, police say there's not much residents can do to protect themselves. But everyone is encouraged to be more vigilant.

"If you have off street parking that would be your first line of defense," Klein said. "You see or hear anything out of the ordinary, regardless of the time of day, give us a call."


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