Thanksgiving Customers Bring Financial Increase to Restaurants


By the looks of things, business is going fairly well at 'The Family Restaurant' in Davenport, especially because it's Thanksgiving, a day that most people spend in their homes with families.

"We have always been open on Thanksgiving," said restaurant owner Kathryn Hasakis. "We have a lot of friends that are our customers that we've had dining here for many years. I think it would be a disservice to close. We stay open for their benefit."

And not only is it a benefit for business owners to have an open door policy on a day like today, some customers see it as a way families can benefit too.

"We decided to come grab lunch before we have Thanksgiving dinner," said Lisa Kitchens. "We live about five hours away. Its really important during the holidays to do everything we can do together."

And the importance of being together on this holiday is a feeling customers say they share.

"I'm starting it with my granddaughter," said Nida Dieckmann. "It was very important to be able to have at least one of my family members to spend Thanksgiving with."

Just across town at the Village Inn, employees say Thanksgiving is a day people spend with family -- but because families spend it here, it's also a day that helps boosts their bottom line because few restaurants are open.

"We do generally catch the crowd for Thanksgiving breakfast and we catch the crowd for black Friday. We're picking all of them up," said Cassie Young.

 "We generally see a lot of families coming in on Thanksgiving. We look forward to drawing big crowds," said Mani Vi.  "That's good business for us."

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