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Knox County Locals React To Possible Sales Tax Increase


"The economy in Galesburg is still down," said Dennis Case.

Dennis Case runs a party store in Galesburg and says increasing the sales tax won't help business owners like him much.

"A quarter of a percent doesn't sound like a lot, but we've been getting quarter percented for quite awhile now and at some point, enough is enough," said Case.

Case says increasing the sales tax scares him most.  He thinks the more consumers have to spend, the less likely they are to come in and shop and that affects his business.

"If there's less sales,  there is less profit for us which means less money for us to spend in the community," said Case. "I think that the quarter percent sales tax is probably needed, but can the citizens of Knox county and surrounding areas afford it?"       

"We shop here occasionally and I would still come here to shop," said Phyllis Yoken.

"I might spend less just because budgeting but I don't think it will make a big difference,"said Bayley Ghharrison.

 "You never want to pay more for things especially when your purchasing things but at the same time, its kind of a reality we have to face," said Luke Heller.

But Case says the county should find another way to make ends meet.

"I would just like to see if they can figure out some other way to raise the money or cut expenses to cover whatever the shortfall is," said Case.