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Winter Weather Safe Driving Tips


If you look outside, the streets and even some cars are covered in snow.  Sure,it's fun to play in, but officers say this is the time of year they see the most traffic accidents. They want you to be careful while you're behind the wheel.

"The road conditions are obviously different during the snow and during the first snowfall of the year. I think a lot of people just aren't used to driving in the winter conditions," said Deputy Matthew Prine with the Rock Island County Sheriff's Department.  "They tend to drive like it is a dry pavement and that's what causes a lot of crashes."

Police officials say crashes could be avoidable if drivers adjust to weather conditions by slowing down and increasing the distance between their car and the one in front of them.

"The faster you drive in a wet condition, the more chance you'll have in losing control of the vehicle," said Prine.  "You're going to want to extend your distance on your snow covered roads to increase your distance so if you have to brake or do any kind of abrupt maneuvers, you're going to have a little more distance."

Keeping gas in your car is a major factor in winter weather road conditions.

"Make sure your car is topped off with gas. its amazing how many people we'll get calls for that ran out of gas," said Prine.  "You get a lot of stranded motorists. Motorists on the roadway..wether their vehicle doesn't start or they slid off the road and got stuck in a ditch."   

He says drivers will pass driving- in -snow 101 with flying colors, if they remember to keep safety first.

"Slow it down because you want to enjoy the holiday season and you probably don't want to get injured or wreck your vehicle.," said Prine.