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Dynamic Duet


They make the piano sing. Twenty seven year old Patrick Downing and sixteen year old Aidan Connolly have been playing as a duet for about a year and a half.

Recently, at First Presbyterian Church in Davenport, they showcased their talents

Both have wonderful technique, dexterity, and an ear for music. They also have a good grasp of spacing as their fingers fly across the keyboard.

Downing has been playing the piano since he was seven years old. Connolly started playing the piano about eleven years ago. Patrick is a pianist at First Presbyterian. Aidan is a senior at DeWitt Central High School.

Both pianists say with a duet, there is an opportunity to make the musical piece that much richer and more fun. The two musicians think every piece of music has a story to it.

It's up to the musicians to convey that kind of story.