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East Moline Approves 2014 Budget



East Moline officials have approved next years budget that is expected to put the city in a $4.3-million deficit.

Overall revenue for the city is predicted to be at over $29.8-million while what the city plans to spend is over $34.2-million.
City officials say most of the deficit is for capital projects and equipment costs but the funds from previous budgets will help pay for some of the costs.

"We're fine, we're not running out of money. We're just using money that we planned on using and have saved up for," said Cole O'Donnell, city administrator. "It's perhaps been a little blown out of proportion with the four million dollar deficit because, like I said, we're spending more than what we're taking in but the bulk of what we are over spending comes from reserves."

The budget passed on a 6 to 1 vote.   
O'Donnell says the city will look for a tax increase to help off-set the deficit.