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The Magic of Christmas


Hundreds of kids in Muscatine flock to Mike Hall's house at this time of year. They are intrigued by Mike's Winter Wonderland. He calls it The Magic of Christmas.

Hall says he enjoys trying to create something different. His creation is a slice of Americana. A display with a Winter carnival, complete with Ferris wheels, fireworks, and ice skaters.

The town has a working waterfall and about a thousand pounds of rock to help with landscaping.

The freight trains passes by Gower's Drug Store. Over at the park, kids play on the teeter totter.

Hall's favorite part of town is the ski slope. It includes a lodge that lights up. There are downhill skiers and kids on sleds.

Seventy buildings and about three hundred match box vehicles are included in this quaint town.

It takes Mike about three weeks to put up the display.

It's a special place, where even at night, Mike will leave the lights on for you.