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Geneseo Cheerleading Squad Heading To Sugar Bowl


High school teams have been inside for the last month as winter sports seasons take over from fall.

Which means the cheer squads are there too, busy working on routines for home basketball games.

Geneseo's cheer squad has another game on its mind.

They're practicing for one more football performance.

Seniors on the Geneseo squad say homecoming is traditionally the biggest performance of their career.

The girls design the routine and spend about three months working on it.

That combined with the football team's trip to the state title game this year have kept them busy.

Throughout all of that, they've had an even bigger performance to consider.

They're wrapping up practices and heading to the Sugar Bowl next week.

"You're going to have very specific lines that you're going to have to stay on," barks out Geneseo Cheer Coach Karman Bodeen.

The school's cheerleaders have to be ready to perform their routine on any part of the Superdome's field. For a performance their coach didn't believe they were actually invited to.

"I thought it was just a hoax, you know I, I didn't think it was real, and I kind of ignored it a couple days," says Bodeen.

It is real, the team was invited after earning a good reputation at summer cheer camps. Now they're proving to themselves they belong in front of 70,000 football fans.

"Not only are they quality cheerleaders and stunters, they're also able to represent the school," says Bodeen.

"I've never been to a college football game and especially my favorite team is playing so that'll be interesting," says senior cheerleader Alana Robinson.

She has been cheering since the fourth grade. Her friend and fellow cheerleader Rayne Bodeen convinced her to join back then. They've been working hard for this performance in the gym.

"Getting down to business and being able to figure out how to break it up into pieces to work out the best and be able to learn it the fastest," says senior cheerleader Rayne Bodeen.

Also out in the community. The team has been fund raising for months. Keeping track on a plywood thermometer.

"We've been washing cars when it was 100 degrees and we've been pumping gas when it was 15 degrees, it was hard, but I'm glad we toughed it out," says Robinson.

"Back line is straighter," calls out Coach Bodeen.

They have at least a dozen more hours of rehearsal before the big day.

When they join 800 others to create this year's halftime spectacle in New Orleans at the Sugar Bowl.

The squad leaves for New Orleans on December 30th, they perform on January 2nd.