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Davenport Apartment Fire Victims Look Toward Recovery


More than a dozen people are left trying to figure out what's next this weekend after a fire at a Davenport apartment complex Friday night.

Firefighters battled the blaze on 7th Street for hours and are now looking for a cause.

As the fire department continues its investigation, the families and residents are still waiting to get back inside the apartment building to see what they can salvage.

Workers were on site Saturday boarding the place up to maintain it for now.

Some of the victims say they're told their units are considered a total loss.

"I was shocked," said Michael Davis, a resident at the home. "Now I've got no home. Everything I had was gone. I lost everything."

As Davis and his neighbors talked about the few possessions they have left,  they also talked of all they lost -- pets, Christmas presents, big screen TVs and a brand new laptop.

Now they all say they're looking toward where they're going next.

Some say the apartment building's owner has a new place lined up for them already. Others say they aren't sure -- all they know is they can't go back to the place they called home for so long.

"I'm not worried about myself," said resident David Eitel. "I'm worried about my neighbors. That's what everyone needs to worry about is their neighbors."

And these neighbors tell us they'll stick together and work as long as it takes to make what they hope will be a full recovery. They're also asking for help from friends and family, and have gotten word that several people are willing to make donations to help them get on their feet.