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Davenport Police Investigate Armed Robbery At Rockingham Rd. Dollar General


Police are investigating the report of an armed robbery at the Dollar General store, located at 2217 Rockingham Rd. in Davenport, Iowa.

Store employees say the crime took place on Saturday night, December 28, 2013.

One employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, described the scene to KWQC.

"All I heard was screaming. Telling my manager to give him the money now. 'Do you want me to shoot you? Hurry up man, let's go.'"

The store employee said it was a terrifying few minutes when the man came in, pointed a gun, and demanded money.

"I knew something was wrong so I just had to go and run and call 911 as fast as I could. Once I heard 'I will shoot you,' I was terrified and I didn't want to die so I did all I could to protect my manager."

No one was hurt.

The employee is speaking out in hopes that someone who knows something will report it.

Police say the suspect left before they arrived at the scene.

Police say they are continuing to investigate.