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Princess Diana Exhibit At Putnam Gets Three Extra Weeks

     An exhibit at the Putnam Museum has proven to be quite a tourism draw and now the tribute to Princess Diana will be here for a few extra weeks. Officials say it means a lot in the long run for the facility and the area.
    The turnout on the exhibit called Diana, A Celebration should be a big boost. There have been 30,000 people see it since it opened in Davenport in September, with about 4,000 over just the last few days. With it staying a few extra weeks because of popular demand now even more visitors can have a chance to see the jewelry, clothes even the royal wedding gown.
     I looks to be a huge boon for the museum which officials say, as a non-profit and privately funded institution, does face some challenges.  After dropping its contract with IMAX in 2012 officials say theater visitation has gone down. The museum has also reached out to the city for large amounts of funding twice in the last year.
     "These are tough decisions for everyone to make but by doing things that keep us dynamic and relevant we have the entire community's support and it's something we'll continue to go on so we can be here," said Nichole Myles, VP of Education and Exhibits. 
     But a blockbuster exhibit like this does raise the profile of the museum. Since this is the second to the last time the exhibit will run in the U.S. visitors are coming from way beyond the Quad Cities area, even places like West Virginia and Florida. These kinds of crowds mean resources to help with improvements and upgrades at the museum down the road.
     "I hope thousands more come. It's very nice to personally glimpse something that's so globally important," said Marie Lindmark from Bettendorf.
      The Princess Diana exhibit will now go through January 26th. The next display museum officials are excited about is the "CSI Experience" starting March 1st.