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Wilton, IA Couple Remembered


Kenneth and Elaine Behrens were a big part of a tight knit community. One family friend said they were a down-to-earth couple who you always bumped into around town. 

"Ken and Elaine were in this community forever, my children grew up with them," said Jackie Brate at Idle Hour Lanes. 

Brate said Ken Behrens would come to Idle Hour Lanes bowling alley in Durant almost every night before he went to work in nearby Walcott. He worked at the Iowa-80 Truck stop for 15 years before retiring in July, where they called him the "Teddy Bear". 

Ken's former boss said he would often come back to visit with his old co-workers. 

"Deeply missed... I know he will be here and in our local community, he was very involved with the community, softball, politics as far as a council man in Durant when he lived there," said Operations Manager at Iowa 80 Group Tom Houston. "Large impact that he's going to be gone and his wife also."

Ken and Elaine were big Hawkeye fans. Brate said the couple was looking forward to going to Tampa to see their team play.

"Very sad. My heart just dropped when I got that telephone call," said Brate. "They were such special people. They didn't deserve that." 

"Very devastated it just don't seem like it would happen to people that you know," said Houston. "You hear about it on the news and stuff, but you don't live it." 

Brate said Ken would umpire at the spur of the moment if they needed him. He'd also announce games. The Behrens were big fans of their local sports teams. 
Or she said you could see them at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Wilton. 

"They were just so special and they did so many different things for the community, they were always there to help," said Brate. "They were in everything."