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UPDATE: Additional Charges In Davenport Burglaries



More charges were filed against two of the three men in connection to a series of commercial burglaries.

Joshua Hayes and Shane Smeltzer are now charged with 2nd degree theft, criminal mischief as well as seven additional counts of burglary. These charges are on top of the burglary and attempted burglary all three of these men face.

Police made the arrests last week after finding these burglars were using ATV's to travel away form major roads and quickly getting in and out of area businesses.


Davenport police have arrested three suspects after a two month investigation.

It connects them to nearly 30 crimes.

Shane Smeltzer, Sean Russel and Joshua Hayes, all of Davenport, have been charged with two counts of burglary, and once count of attempted burglary. 

But police say these are connected to dozens more in the past months - with similar characteristics.

Police also say catching these criminals was especially difficult because the suspects are fast, efficient and smart.

They hit their targets fast and instead of making their getaway on major roads, they used ATV's to get around near small creek beds and bike trails.

"We weren't seeing anything on the street," says Major Schaeffer, Davenport Police. "We weren't seeing some car parked in the neighborhood or anything like that."

It was a 2-month investigation that ended on New Year's Eve. 

Police were able to determine that three people were robbing businesses quickly - and getting away quicker. 

But catching them was the hard part. 

"We had to come up with a large amount of people because were weren't able to follow them through these areas," Schaeffer. 

So, police cast a wide net, hoping to be in the right place at the right time, when the people responsible struck again.

"We needed a ton of people because it wasn't just following somebody over a few block area. It was a mile area. Where do you think they will come out? You gotta be ready and you might guess wrong."

But - on that night - Schaeffer says they guessed right, getting three criminals off the street.