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Shelters Don't Leave Homeless Out In The Cold


"It's great being able to have somewhere to go, be warm and get something to eat," said Tyler Jones.

With no place to call home, Tyler Jones says knowing Father Conroy's Vineyard of Hope is open really helps.

"I don't have anywhere else to go. Now I got somewhere to go," said Jones.  "It's nice to have someone who cares. When you don't have nobody else to rely on and then you find somebody who you can rely on, it's great."

Shelter organizers say it's great to know they're making a difference.  They say they've seen an increase in people needing shelter making it that much important for them to keep their doors open.

"I can see the great need. They've walked distances just to come over here to a warm place," said Sister Ludmilla Benda of Father Conroy's Vineyard of Hope.  "They look forward to getting these basic needs as we call them."

Those basic needs go above and beyond needing food and a place to warm up.  They include making sure their guest have all the essentials to brave the cold.
"They just gave out gloves and hats and scarves," said Deanna Escoto.  "It is a good feeling to be able to come down here on a cold day like this to be out of the cold."

The growing demand for services comes a growing need for help from the community and because of it, donations are always welcome.