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Some called Walter Haskell Hinton the Norman Rockwell of Agricultural Art.  He also was known as the Image Maker for John Deere.

Hinton was a brilliant commercial artist who was commissioned to work for Deere and Company decades ago.

Several of his paintings are on display in an exhibit at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport. Hinton painted images during the period when tractors began to replace teams of horses down on the farm.

Those paintings are part of Deere and Company's permanent collection.

Nathan Augustine is the collection manager. He says Hinton's paintings have tremendous detail and accuracy.

One of the most familiar is titled Boy Driving Tractor.  Hinton painted it in 1935 and even today it is found on John Deere calendars.

V for Victory is a 1945 painting with a woman driving a tractor. She is waving to a troop convoy.  With millions of men fighting overseas during World War Two, women were called on to do jobs not previously open to them.

The exhibit also features paintings Hinton did of John Deere. Some in black and white feature Deere's steel plow, emphasizing his pioneer spirit. They also portray John Deere as an inventor, a hero, smart and inquisitive.

Many of the images were used to promote the company.

Walter Haskell Hinton would be proud to know that Deere continues to market memorabilia incorporating images which he originally  created decades ago.