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Water Leak Leads To Bigger Problems At Clinton Apartment Building

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Residents of a Clinton apartment building had quite a scare early Friday morning. One tenant, Holly Farr, says she got a rude awakening.

"Just heard a lot of pounding, like search warrants were going to be thrown down, like that kind of pounding."

Just after 2 a.m., fire crews got a 9-1-1 call that water was pouring out of the Lafayette Apartments. Crews went to shut off the water and start cleaning up.

"When they went down to the basement area, they noticed an odor of natural gas," said Major Battalion Chief Fred Rolling.

Firefighters ran outside and grabbed their meters.

"The limits on the gas meters were high enough to alarm the gas meter itself, for different levels of flammable liquids, possibly in the building," he added.

Firefighters started going door-to-door, waking people up and getting them out. They couldn't use the elevator because of the gas leak and because there was water near the power source. So, for residents who needed help, firefighters had to carry them out.

"We did have to assist some people from the 5th floor with stretchers and things like that coming down the stairwells, Rolling said.

Everyone got out. Some went to stay with family or friends. Others were bussed to the Victory Center homeless shelter.

Everyone is okay, thanks to a leaking water pipe that alerted crews to an even more dangerous situation.