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Reviving RiverVision in 2014

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The river boat is leaving in Davenport. 

That is going to leave a lot of space available, and the city is trying to get ahead of the game by going back to a decade old plan, RiverVision. 

In 2004, Davenport revamped a large section of their river front, and now, they are looking to do it again in a smaller area, between the Arsenal and Centennial bridges. 

Davenport has hired Hargreaves Assoc. to come up with the plans, the same company that planned out the 2004 project. 

On Tuesday, Hargreaves started a 75 day study, finding out what has changed in Davenport over the last 10 years, and what people want to see as the city moves forward.

"We won't reinvent the wheel," says Hargreaves President, Mary Margaret Jones. "Much of the analysis is still valid (from 2004). What were doing is assessing what has changed, what needs to be refreshed what is the next phase, what those next phases might cost, and what's the priority?"

So, what can you expect to see in the near future? 

For now, not much. 

Hargreaves is starting their 75 day study to answer questions like: How much green space should there be? How many business and attractions?

Once that is done, plans will be drawn up and displayed sometime in April.

But, Jones says, while her employees are good, sometimes it's the people who live in an area who know what's best.

"Nobody knows better that the people who live in a community about what's working, what's not working, and what's needed."