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Local Police May Object To Concealed Carry Permits

Posted: Updated: Jan 15, 2014 09:44 PM


Illinois State Police are dealing with an overwhelming workload since residents began signing up for applying for concealed carry permits a little more than one week ago.

On average, more than 1,000 new concealed carry applications are pour in every day.

But some law enforcement agencies are concerned about having enough time to make sure each person is properly processed.

"They're probably going to be overwhelmed with Cook County and some of the other bigger counties," said Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd. "So, I would hope they would listen to the locals."
State police will make the ultimate decision, but local law enforcement can object to any application.

"If we believe he's a danger to himself or, more importantly, a danger to others, we can file that objection. Maybe put a spotlight on him, state police can take a further look at that," Sheriff Boyd uses domestic violence as one example --

"A person may be arrested a couple different times on domestic battery. There's propensity for a domestic-type violent situation, do you really want to give that person a concealed carry weapon?"

Local law enforcement may submit an objection to any resident's concealed carry application.

So far, 220 applications have come in for Rock Island County. Sheriff Boyd says he hasn't objected to any of them.