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Alcoa Expansion Brings 150 Jobs To Quad Cities

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"Alcoa is a huge economic engine in the quad cities," said Alcoa Spokesman John Riches.

It's an economic engine just keeps on roaring.  The new Alcoa expansion added 150 new positions in maintenance and production to the Riverdale plant.  According to Riches, the company's automotive customers were looking to reduce the weight of the vehicles and make cars more gas friendly.  The only way to do that was produce more aluminum instead of steel.

"Specifically we needed to increase the amount of material we produce that can be used by the auto industry for the construction of vehicles," said Riches.

The increased demand for more aluminum sheets is the reason Alcoa has opened its doors to new applicants looking for work.  One of those applicants, Mitch Butz says he's been out of work for a year and excited about this new opportunity.

"It's a big, giant weight lifted off my shoulders to know that I have some job stability. To know that I now have a job that I can go to every day," said Mitch Butz.

Riches says this Alcoa expansion is just one more investment that insures success in the Quad Cities future, but newly hired Butz says it's a second chance at getting back to work.

"With the new expansion going on that means several jobs for a lot of people who desperately need them," said Butz.

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