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QC Singer to Audition for NBC's "The Voice"

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She's been singing on stages around the Quad Cities for years -- and now local performer Nicole Caras wants to see if she has what it takes to make it to a national stage.

Caras is headed to open auditions for NBC's "The Voice" in Chicago this weekend.

Caras, 27, has spent the past few years performing at venues around the Quad Cities with her cover band called "Caught in the Act."

During that time she's gained hundreds of fans and supporters who say they think Caras has what it takes to make it big on the voice.

"Every gig that I've got if I don't have one, I have multiple people telling me you've got to try the voice," said Caras. "You've got to try it. So I thought you know what - why not?"

Two months ago, the 27-year-old bartender and mother of one took the plunge -- signing up to audition for NBC's hit singing competition.

Now, audition pass in hand, Caras is headed to Chicago -- where among thousands of other hopefuls, she says she believes she has something that will make her stand out.

"Probably my size and my voice," Caras said. "It's the main thing I've always been told is I cannot believe that voice comes out of such a tiny, little person."

As she preps her big voice for the big day this weekend -- there's still one big thing she has to do.

"The hardest part about it is picking a song," Caras said, still undecided as she heads into her audition this weekend. "You only have thirty seconds to woo them give them goose bumps and leave them with wanting more."

After waiting months ... and soon to be hours filled with anxiety... it all comes down to just seconds in the audition room.

And no matter what happens -- Caras says nothing will ever stop her from singing.

"I'll always stay singing, be singing, do what I love doing."

Caras said she's auditioned for some singing competitions in the past ...winning some, losing others.

And whatever the outcome of this audition, she says the best part of it all has been learning how much support she has in the Quad Cities.

If Caras makes it onto "The Voice," she wouldn't be the first from the QCA. Bettendorf High School grad Nic Hawk made it to the top 20 on The Voice last season.

You can watch KWQC's interview with him from this Wednesday here.

The new season of "The Voice" begins Feb. 24 on KWQC.