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Psyched About Science

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Students at Lourdes Catholic School in Bettendorf love it when Professor Atom comes to town.

The professor is from the University of Chemistry in California.  Her goal is to make science fun for the third grade students at Lourdes.

Recently, she demonstrated how to make bubbles. The students used straws, , cups, and solution.  In a matter of moments, there was bubble mania in the classroom.

The professor reminded the kids bubbles can only last as long as the water lasts. As the bubble gets bigger, the skin  gets thinner and it changes color.

The students also blew bubbles by using a tube.

The professor reminded her students that in dry air, water evaporates. The bubble gets thinner and thinner until it pops.

Hands on fun for third grade students. Hoping not to burst their bubbles.

Courtesy of Professor Atom!