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Motion Denied To Keep Moline Schools Open

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The Moline School Board discussed a new proposal for the future of some of its elementary schools. 
Last May, the board voted to close Garfield and Ericsson. The board denied a new motion to keep those schools open and turn Hamilton Elementary into a science and math center. A second motion for a public vote on the issue was also denied. 
Some board members say it's too late in the process to be considering a new plan as they look forward to the future.

"All of us and the staff of both schools, all the buildings involved have come to accept it and move on and are willing to support it. So it was a shock to go backwards," Moline School Board member Connie McElyea said. "We feel this is the best for all students."

Moving forward, there was discussion on how to ease transportation concerns with help from a city engineer.

"We are intending to get some options brought back to us from that engineer so we can consider that and inform a recommendation for future action," he said.

Board members say the current operational plan could mean an annual savings of $350-thousand.