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Gold Medal Caliber

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Time for an Olympic Moment. Bill Douglas captures familiar faces by using brush pens and ink. Bill draws caricatures.

And has been doing this for about 20 years.

Recently, he captured the Olympic Spirit, and drew faces of some of the TV6  champions. Erik Maitland, the Olympic medal winner in speed skating!

Sharon DeRycke on skis, as she gives slalom  a try!

Gary Metivier, holding the KWQC microphone and balancing the snowboard. Douglas calls Gary the Maverick of the group!

Fran Riley, in a USA Olympic Hockey uniform. He shoots and SCORES!

Bill Douglas knew since fourth grade he wanted to draw cartoons and caricatures.

He has also done designs for arcade games, children's books, posters, and for businesses.

Recently, he was drawing a caricature of Jay Leno. He called it the Departure Shot, with Leno saying so long to the Tonight Show.

Douglas has files full of caricatures, including David Letterman and Walter Payton.

Going for the Gold! Bill Douglas makes it to the medal stand!