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New Parking Policy In Davenport

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Drivers who park along snow routes during emergencies won't face hefty fines in Davenport anymore because city leaders have changed the policy.  We've seen a lot of snow this season, so much that several snow emergencies have been declared for the quad cities this winter alone. For drivers that's meant no parking on snow routes.  Davenport city leaders say they're changing the policy in the downtown area.

"The bottom line is I don't want to see people's cars towed or ticketed when the snows on the ground and its snowing until after 2 in the morning downtown," Mayor Bill Gluba said.

Mayor Gluba says 44 cars were towed and ticketed downtown last Saturday when a snow emergency was in effect.  He calls it insensitive of city workers and that's what sparked this policy change.  The new policy is no towing or ticketing before 2 a.m.

"We want the city crews..police and city snow removal people to use some common sense," Mayor Gluba said. "The people pay the bills. I mean our employees have got to realize when people shop and dine and spend money downtown that's sales tax revenue that we could use to pay their salary."

The mayor says the city wants to continue attracting both locals and tourist to the downtown area without the extra worriation.

"We don't want to have them so inconvenienced. They come out and have their car towed away when they're spending money downtown," Mayor Gluba said.