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Volunteers Work To Restore Water To Local Community

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A string of temperatures well below zero has caused pipes to freeze across the Quad Cities.  It happened to nearly a dozen families in one community and now residents there have taken matters into their own hands.  Residents in Lyndon, Illinois have started working together to thaw water pipes for local families.  Pam and Rich Christensen are just a few members of the Lyndon community who didn't have water because of frozen pipes.  Lucky for them, they were only without water for one day  in comparison to others who went without for eight.  The Christensens' say that one day was a huge inconvenience.

"You don't really know how much you use it until it's gone. It was bad," Rick Christensen said.
 "I  had to go to our neighbor betty's house to use their shower.  We're just happy and thankful that it's back on. We're just thankful to the guys," Pam Christensen.

Volunteers have been working day in and day out to unthaw the frozen pipes of five residents. They say it's something that's their responsibility.

"We have rented a welder. A big dc welder and we have to dig up the main and attach the welder to the service. Go to the house and put the welder on it," Lyndon Waterworks chairman Doug Dunlap said.

Seven volunteers spending over 10 hours working to restore an important lifeline by heating up the water pipes to thaw out the ice. They've even gone as far as using their own resources to make it happen.

"Les Williams was a former public works guy. He came out and taught us how to work the welder. Our clerk has been on the computer ordering parts and doing research. Everybody's been pitching in," Dunlap said. "We had one citizen last night went and got pizza and soda for everybody and sandwiches. That's just how the community works."