City Leaders, School Officials Combat Suicide In The QC


The Centers For Disease Control says suicide is the third leading cause of death for those ages 10-24.  It's also a growing problem in the Quad Cities and leaders here today announced some new steps to fight it.

"If it was a daily thing, every day in and out, i could see how that would just wear on someone's self esteem," said Michelle Ramsey.

Michelle and Jolene Ramsey have three kids in high school and one of them had problems with bullying a few years back. The situation was resolved once teachers were notified, but sometimes resolving the problem isn't that easy.

"We had a suicide in the school district and again, its very tragic and something we never want or expect so we want to take action to make sure it never happens again, said Supt. Dr. Art Tate.

Davenport schools and the mayor announced a new plan to help combat teen suicide by training teachers on how to deal with troubled teens in the classroom and a higher-tech solution: a phone application that gives students an outlet to speak out against suicide.

"Kids today, that phone is everything . They can hit an app on there and its anonymous. They can mention to the police department that a friend is having problems," said Mayor Bill Gluba. " Immediately our Davenport police department will go out there not to address the child, but if they're home alone they will talk to them and probably bring them to a mental heath facility for observation."

School officials say the recent increase in teen suicides here prompted this call to action and they hope this new plan will curb it.

" I hope it makes people aware ..number one... number two..i hope it will provide resources to people in need, have questions, or need counseling or need to have places to go in the community," said Dr. Tate.

Some parents whose kids once dealt with bullying, also hope these solutions help.

"We know its hard to get them to come to an authority figure and come forward with some stuff. anonymously hopefully this will help," said Michelle Ramsey. "I think it's a good idea that they're bringing it to the school. but i think the parents need to step up as well"

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