Midday Medical - Flu season ahead

Dr. Bill Langley with Genesis Hospital talks about what you need to know to be prepared for the illness.

Storms SW Of QC This Morning

Strong Storms This Evening

Davenport Council raises questions about request that could bring Portillos

Impassioned discussion from neighbors and aldermen echoed through city council chambers.

Runner train for Bix races at a Downtown Davenport Business

KWQC TV-6 spoke to a trainer with Anytime Fitness on some of what participants are doing to prepare for the Quick Bix and Bix 7.

Pleasant Valley advances to State Softball Championship

Watch highlights from Pleasant Valley's 4-2 win over Valley

North Scott advances to State Baseball

Watch highlights from North Scott's 3-2 win over West

Assumption advances to State Baseball

Watch highlights from Assumption's 4-2 win over Central DeWitt


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