Woman kidnapped at knifepoint in Moline; pulls gun on suspect

When they stopped, she was able to reach her firearm and the man fled on foot while she drove herself to the hospital for treatment of the injury on her arm.

Sterling accepts invite to join Western Big 6

Sterling joins Geneseo in joining the Western Big 6 this week.

Central discus thrower breaks 40-year-old school record

Senior Lea Grady broke a 40-year-old Davenport Central school record this week in discus, throwing 134 feet, 11 inches. She has the chance to break a shot put record this season too.

Landlords implement new approval measures to eliminate crime

QC landlords crack down on crime by implementing stronger background checks for potential tenants

Police respond to shots-fired incidents; neighbors fed up

Officers were called to 14th and Farnham Thursday morning where a bullet struck a house.


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