Bettendorf falls to Iowa City West 23-0

Watch highlights from Bettendorf's 23-0 loss to Iowa City West

Geneseo to join Western Big 6

The school board voted to join the athletic conference at the start of the 2019-2020 athletic season.

Stranger chases teens in stolen car

A Bettendorf woman is searching for answers after her car was stolen early Monday morning. One man said he spotted three teens driving the car 24 hours later and chased them for nearly 10 minutes.

ABATE trauma and accident classes come weeks after 2 fatal motorcycle accidents

The course aims to prepare those first on scene to better care for motorcycle riders involved in accidents.

West Liberty aims to spread awareness about opioids and prescription drug abuse

Several towns are looking to get ahead of the opioid epidemic, including West Liberty. There will be a town hall meeting tomorrow for families to learn about resources and services available to them.


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