Midday Medical: HPV and cancer

Dr. Leanne Roberts with

Group works to start municipal internet in Dubuque

When it comes to high speed internet access - members of Dubuque Municipal Internet believe it's a necessity.

Village Inn talks Holiday Pies

KWQC's Ashley Holden and Meteorologist Cedric Haynes

First Alert Forecast 12/16/17

Saturday Morning Forecast

High School Basketball 12/15 - Illinois

Check out all the high school hoops action from Friday night here.

High School Basketball 12/15 - Iowa

Watch action from Friday night's hoops here.

Winter fireworks season is underway in Iowa

Fireworks vendors in Iowa are able to sell fireworks from December 10 until January 3.


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NBC Headlines

California's wildfire now bigger than New York City

'As of this morning, we're at 259,000 acres and still growing,' a fire official said Saturday.

500 people aboard 2 Royal Caribbean cruises fell sick

Symptoms were reported by more than 500 people aboard two cruise ships operated by Royal Caribbean in the last month.

Meet America's first all-LGBTQ city council

Palm Springs, California, is now being represented by the nation's first entirely LGBTQ city council.

Alyssa Milano's activism started way before #MeToo and Doug Jones

For Alyssa Milano, fighting for what she believes in started with a kiss — on "The Phil Donahue Show." The actress discusses activism and her passion for politics.

Key features of the Republicans' final tax bill

Grad students keep an important benefit and a tweak was made to the child tax credit, but an expert says the largest benefits still go to the richest Americans.