Jackson County Humane Society closed Tuesday after a pipe broke in the bathroom

Jackson County Humane Society was closed today after one of their pipes broke. They say this was likely due to the bitter, cold weather.

Autism Awareness Month: seeing beyond the disability

From their humor to intelligence, and their big hearts. These are just some of the unique things about people with autism and in honor of Autism Awareness Month. One Clinton High School teacher has a message to share about these unique men and women in the community.

High school students consider careers in the trades field versus college

Several students attended a job fair in Bettendorf today and some are considering a career in the building trades field rather than pursuing a four-year degree.

Behind the scenes at the Women's Health and Lifestyle Fair with Danielle Colby

KWQC's Morgan Ottier sat down with Danielle Colby from American Pickers before her appearance on stage at the 2018 Women's Health and Lifestyle Fair.

Skating for sensory friendly fun

The event was held for young skaters with epilepsy and autism.


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